December 9, 2023

If you go around town and ask people names of comedians that they know, most probably both AY and Basketmouth names will come up. Both men are some of the most popular and most prolific comedians in the game, but for some reason, both men also seem to be having some issues with each other.


Basketmouth has been open in the past about his feelings about AY. He told Ebuka during his episode of the BlackBox interview that he fell out with AY because of loyalty. He said to Ebuka:

I don’t mess around with loyalty. He came into my space and messed around with loyalty. He said something that he wasn’t supposed to say. That was going to cause a rift between me and this person. It was Magmus (Umeri), my lawyer. I said something to AY, and he told Magmus, and he wasn’t supposed to say it.


A couple of days ago, AY took to social media and responded to a fan who asked if he had problems with Basketmouth. AY said:

I don’t have issues with him. But people having unnecessary issues with you is the price you sometimes pay for being progressive. He has been battling with his ”uncontrollable superiority complex” for the longest. So avoiding his incessant childishness only became necessary for my sanity.

Now, AY is speaking again.

During an interview with GoldMyneTV, he was once again asked about his rift with Basketmouth and AY had more than enough to say. Here’s what he said.

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During his latest interview with GoldMyne TV, AY was asked about his rift with Basketmouth. He said:

The only thing I can say is that when you tend to react concerning something that has been very very consistent without people having a vibe of what it is, your reaction in a way tends to get to people because they don’t have information. But I’m very sure when they all have information, they’ll be fine.

Asking if he has reached out to Basketmouth, AY said:

Countless times. Countless. Invitations, what have you, countless times! And for me, it’s really not an issue. So what I’m going to say for now is just to keep quiet and allow those in the social media space enjoy what they’re enjoying right now until they get to know what it is. I’m very sure when they know what it is, if necessary, I’m tempted not to even try it. But if they do, then they’ll understand what it means. It’s more like a case of somebody that is in a relationship where the man keeps hitting the woman and the woman doesn’t say anything. She doesn’t want to cry out, she doesn’t want to tell anybody about it. But when the woman now reacts in a way, maybe some other people will use that opportunity to say “ah, her eye don dey outside before, maybe na ashawo don dey hungry am” or “she’s a bad woman” because she reacted. But nobody is paying attention to what has been said in the direction of this woman and what led to all of that. That is where the social media space, they judge with what they see, and what they do not know is nobody just wakes up. In every action that you see, it will definitely bring about some sort of reaction and that’s what happened today and then it’s being taken the other way round. But those who know in the industry, they know, and when it’s time for anybody to talk about this, we’ll talk about it.

I really don’t know what is going on between these two or what this whole drama is about. Basketmouth says it’s because AY said something he wasn’t supposed to say. AY is now saying this other different thing about action causing reaction. I don’t know what’s happening. Make AY just vex, talk the whole thing abeg so we will know once and for all what actually happened betweent these two. Na Wa!

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