December 1, 2023

The AKSU Student Video is presently viral on social media platforms. A Twitter user confirmed that the girl in the video’s name is Idara, and her nickname is Al Gold.

She is also a 200-level Akwa Ibom State University student.

According to reports, the supposed female in the video, Idara, AL Gold, met up with an unnamed person, and the guy videotaped both of them having pleasure.

However, the video was shot with the girl and boy’s permission, and it all starts with the guy seated on the recording device.

Others said that the video was the result of a break-up and may be interpreted as vengeance by Idara’s ex-boyfriend.

The name and social media account of the young man who f*cked Idara have yet to be established.

Look at the guy’s face below.

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