November 28, 2023

A male senior high school student and his female companion have created quite a stir on social media.

This followed the release of a video showing them performing a crazy dance and other amusing behaviors in class.

In the footage, the fair-complexioned boy is seen standing behind the dark-complexioned lady in what appears to be their classroom.

Shatta Wale’s Miss Money, featuring Medikal, was playing in the background while they danced.

The boy grinds the girl while twisting and whining for him. He even attempted to touch the girl’s lower regions before she drew his hands up to her chest.

The dancing became so hot at one point that the boy’s contact exposed the girl’s underpants.

As if their obscene dance wasn’t enough, the two were subsequently seen cuddling while the boy toyed with the female.

It is unknown what the two students’ connection is, but with this much caressing and playing, it is extremely possible that they have something intimate going on.

Watch the video below;


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