December 9, 2023

Ghanaian actress, Vicky Zugah has said in an interview that she hates using condoms as protection during s3x.

Vicky Zugah claimed in an interview with Zionfliex on the Uncut Show that she doesn’t have s3x very frequently, but when she does, she likes her partner not to wear any protection so that she may enjoy every moment of the encounter.

Vicky also stated that s3x is a natural aspect of life that everyone appreciates, but many have neglected to learn more about s3x in order to better their s3xual lives.

In response to Ghanaians’ reactions to her “Red Light Show, which is aired on UTV, Vicky stated that most Ghanaians are hypocrites because they refuse to learn more about what they like most in life.

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She did, however, clarify that her show simply intends to provide people with a dramatic display of how they might better their sexual lives and that she does not allow any natural penetration in her show.


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