December 9, 2023

Kenyan Socialite, Entrepreneur and Slay Queen Huddah Monroe just got tongues wagging again as she bragged about not being tied down by marriage.

She praised herself for being a queen and not a housewife while allegedly saying that she is not trying to shade anyone but because it appears that she is enthralled by her beauty. Huddah Monroe offered a more suitable explanation for her words saying, “A QUEEN, NOT A HOUSE WIFE! And this is no shade cuz all house wives in most house wives programs are my friends, they’ll get the joke 100% so don’t let social media start some fake beef out here, I’m VEGAN. I know y’all.”

See the screenshots of her caption and outfit below. 

But some fans feel differently that it’s time for her to settle because according to them beauty eventually fades which will not be anytime soon for Huddah Monroe because as you can see from her looks and flawless skin, she is indeed a queen.

So what do you have to say Huddah Monroe’s praises about herself?

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