December 1, 2023

Bhadie Kelly gained traction after a video of her rocking a light brown and mixed colour gown made waves on social media which saw her shaking her backside, making a flirtatious face and dancing to viral TikTok songs.

Why Kelly Is Trending?

Female TikTokers have supposedly been filled with jealousy and male TikTokers drooling over her as they can’t get enough of her intimidating beauty, curvature and aura. Many girls on the video sharing and streaming platform have jumped into competition with her but she keeps on garnering maximum points from admirers.

There is an exponential growth on her followers as she has expeditiously moved from 356k followers to close to 800K followers within a short while.

What is Bhadie Kelly’s Official TikTok Handle?

Kelly’s official TikTok handle is Bhadie.Kellyy.

Is Bhadie Kelly on Instagram?

Kelly is on Instagram but not very active with a few posts filled with her photos.

What is Kelly’s Instagram handle?

Kelly’s Instagram handle is slayy.kellyy.

Where does Bhadie Kelly come from?

Bhadie Kelly is from Togo hence she is a Togolese.

See some of her photos below;

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