December 1, 2023

Chika Ike is the combination of beauty and brain. The movie star has no time for pettiness or clout-chasing. She will not intentionally engage in despicable behaviour just to get the bloggers to write about her in a bid to trend. Those who pay attention to the actress and her activities will tell you that she enjoys travelling, reading and having a good time. While at these, she builds her educational background and engage in charitable works.

Well, the actress also recently disclosed other things that she enjoys doing other than those mentioned above.

In an Instagram post, the actress stated that she enjoys having good friends as well as quality food. Chika Ike also wants to feel good vibes from people around her and also herself. These would definitely build great memories to recollect whenever she wants to.

“Good vibes, Good friends, Good food, and Good memories.”

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