December 1, 2023

fan known as Shella Alande, has boldly come out to sate that Ilebaye is now richer and more influential than beyonce.

It’s no secret that fans can be fiercely loyal to their favorite celebrities, often making bold statements and declarations of support. Such is the case with Shella Alande, a die-hard fan of Ilebaye, who has boldly proclaimed that her beloved idol, Ilebaye.

Ilebaye’s remarkable victory in the All-Stars season of a popular reality TV show left fans and viewers in awe. The prize money, a staggering 120 million Naira, was the coveted reward for contestants, and the competition was fierce. In the end, it was Ilebaye who emerged triumphant, securing her place in the winner’s circle.

As is often the case with most BBN wins, controversies and speculations swirled around Ilebaye’s victory. Some critics argued that it was a “pity win,” while others believed that it was well-deserved.

In a bold and passionate proclamation, Shella Alande stated that Ilebaye had now surpassed the iconic Beyoncé in terms of riches and clout.

“Truth be truth that ilebaye is now richer and more influential than Beyonce but because she’s a Nigerian we always downgrade our own”


One adibe009 had this to say,

“ I support GenZ & we all know GenZ dem no Dey sabi talk. Dem de talk anyhow. Make we forgive this one”

oluwaclap had this to say,

“Ilebaye is not even richer than Portable. I guess you’re not ready for this conversation.”

abiritomi had this to say,

“Lmao ooo, you go explain tire no evidence

Everyone just wants to talk”

jaz.island.gyal had this to say,

“This are the types of people that populate her fan base. Very very low iq set of people.”

xpensive_fatima had this to say,

“Ilebaye is not even richer than papaya. Let’s start from there”

thefoodnetworknig2 had this to say,

“As in 120million Tinubu’s Naira is what we are talking about here? Must be ment in conjunction with malaria”

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