December 1, 2023

Potable seems to have an unyielding attraction to drama, and the latest episode in his ongoing saga involves his record label signee, Young Duu. Just yesterday, Kemi Filani had reported that Portable generously gifted a car to another one of his artists, Abuga, and shared the news gleefully on social media.

However, the plot thickens as Portable recently took to his social media platforms to vent his frustration with Young Duu, another artist under his label. Portable shared screenshots of what appears to be a private conversation with him and Young Duu, revealing their tumultuous relationship. He accused Young Duu of being ungrateful for his efforts, even after going the extra mile to buy him a car. What seemed to irk Potable even more was Young Duu’s failure to congratulate Abuga on receiving his new car, which he saw as a blatant sign of disrespect.

Portable also alleged that Young Duu had sinister intentions, claiming that he sought to destrthe record label that Potable had painstakingly built.


“One prestigecanadahg had this to say,

“How do you buy car for an upcoming artist that can barely buy his outfit or feed how ??? If it’s not for clout…someone comes to you for help you buy am car …his he on salary ? …how does he fuel a car..he literally does not have a job so how does a jobless man maintain a car ?.misplaced priorities…person way never drop Album Talkless of hit track or good promo you dey buy am car”

sure_boy001 had this to say,

“As we dey laugh with this convo make we dey learn lesson alongside * Na only God will can give and never screenshot fuck anybody

Wow & Make youngyduu self return the car jeje. A

It’s better to be at peace with people instead of being tagged.”

Portable will calm down soon, I’m sure he’s listening to a lot of people wey no like”

One Youngybuskala had this to say,

“@portablebaeby comot eye for that car ….. how much be that car self….if you’re not capable of doing something for someone then don’t ever do it 300k car you Dey Para your first car no be say dem give you ni

Nigerian label and making artist feel like they are doing you a Favor when it’s a contract binding Yu both (.)”

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