December 1, 2023

Portable, a Nigerian singer, reveals his open thoughts on the pervasive incidence of counterfeit lifestyles in the upmarket neighbourhoods of Lekki and Island, Nigeria. Portable discusses his reasons for keeping his wife away from this place in this eye-opening interview, claiming his perception that he lacks the requisite finances for a pleasant existence there.

Nigerian Singer Portable Exposes Counterfeit Lifestyles In Lekki 1

Portable strongly recommends people to live within their means and brings attention to the terrible presence of fake facades in Lekki, where many people portray images of beautiful mansions they don’t truly own. He digs into the ramifications of these inaccurate social media portrayals and the harmful influence they might have on people’s financial decisions.

Furthermore, Portable admits his personal decision to avoid living in Lekki because he fears that his regular presence will cause people to take him for granted, potentially decreasing demand for his concerts. He emphasises the exclusivity of his services by charging a whopping one million Naira or more for his attendance at any home in the Lekki area.

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