December 1, 2023

It is of no doubt that the Nigerian entertainment and creative sector has experienced rapid progress facilitated by emerging digital technology, which supports content creation, distribution and consumption.

Popular online comedians like Taaoma, Maraji, and others all began off with only a small number of fans, but today they can easily brag millions.

According to the second quarter of 2022 (April to June) which was set up by a talent acclerator, Dataleum, the list of the top 10 Nigerian Skit-makers ranking on Instagram are stated below:

Sabinus Aka Mr Funny

Broda shaggi

Cute Abiola


Brain jotter

Lasisi Elenu




Ada Jesus

Sabinus a.k.a Mr Funny, Chukwuemeka Emmanuel, has been highly consistent with his skits, gaining over 44 million views with his hilarious content in the last quarter. He had the highest increase in followers – gaining over 800K followers in 3 months.


BrodaShaggi, Samuel Perry, had over 40 million views from his 70 skits posted in Q2 2022, with over 6 million likes and 187K comments.


Cute Abiola, Abdulgafar Ahmad, had with over 4.9 million followers as of 31st June 2022 which gained him over 4.6 million likes and over 128K comments.


Taaooma, Maryam Apaokagi, is well known for acting multiple characters in her skits, and her 28 hilarious contents posted in Q2 of this year earned her over 24 million views.

With his green shirt and the comic look he portrays in his videos, Brainjotter, Chukwuebuka Emmanuel, gained good numbers from his content as he pulled over 3.7 million likes and over 205K comments in his skit videos.

The likes of Lasisi, Realsophy, kiekie, ashmusy and Ada Jesus also featured with quite a high number of followers.

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