October 1, 2023

Comedy is a gift. It is one thing to be funny but to be a comedian or comedienne, that is to have the gift of making more than just your family and friends laugh regularly, it is not as easy as you would imagine.

To lend to their comedy, a number of comedians and comediennes wear outrageous outfits, do comical makeup, and transform themselves sometimes into either caricatures or heightened expressions of the characters they are trying to portray. Because of this, a lot of people sometimes do not get to see what a performer looks like underneath all of the makeup and hair and over-the-top looks.

Today, we’ll be counting down 7 Nigerian Comediennes Who Look Totally Different in Real Life Than They Do When They Perform. Are you ready to see who’s on the list? Then let’s go!

1. Flora 222

Omozele Gabriel is the woman behind the famously funny character, Flora 222. The character is an outspoken overly made up woman who has no issue speaking her mind in funny ways. According to Omozele, she got the idea for Flora 222 when she called a network customer service representative who was rude to her. The idea immediately clicked for her and Flora 222 has now become a phenomenon.

Underneath the heavy makeup, Omozele herself doesn’t look anything like her character Flora 222. Here’s what Omozele Gabriel actually looks like.

2. Aina (from Jenifa’s Diary and Aiyetoro Town)

Aina on Jenifa’s Diary and Aiyetoro Town is a local girl who doesn’t know how to really speak good English and wears badly done makeup. She is a really fun and funny character on screen.

Off screen, the actress Adedoyin Fagbohun is actually also a model and dresses very nicely. Nothing like her character of Aina.

3. Ashmusy

Skit maker, content creator, and comedienne Ashmusy is another woman who plays over-the-top characters. Because of the characters she plays, Ashmusy a lot of time has to wear horrendous makeup and over-the-top outfits to add to the comedy of her performance.

Outside of performance, Ashmusy is a really beautiful woman and looks very different from the over-the-top characters she plays.

4. Dirty Grandma

Dirty Grandma is an old woman who as the name implies is crass, funny, and sometimes dirty. The character often has powder splayed across her chest and wears matronly outfits.

In real life, Dickson Ruth, the woman behind the creation is far from being a grandmother and is actually a young woman. She looks completely different than the Dirty Grandma character.

5. Taaoma

Another comedienne who is very funny and looks very different from the characters she plays is the comedienne Taaoma. Taaoma plays different characters like older women and male characters that demand her to wear outfits and do makeup that are very different from what she herself would normally wear.

Off-screen, Taaoma dresses her age and looks really good with a good sense of fashion.

6. Ada Jesus

Ada Jesus is another comedienne whose most famous character is an older woman who dresses as such. She always has a headtie wrapped around her head and wears clothes to fit the character.

In real life, Ada dresses normally and wears outfits that are age-appropriate and wildly different than the ones she wears for comedy.

7. Pau Pau (Pauline from Jenifa’s Diary)

Pau Pau on Jenifa’s Diary is a deep-voiced, naive, and bulky woman who works on the show as a cleaner in Jenifa’s Diary. Everything from her mannerisms to her voice are very masculine and deep and Pau Pau is definitely a very unique character.

In real life though, the actress Wendy Ubakanma who plays Pau Pau is very feminine and talks in a very soft voice. Wendy used to actually be a model and unlike her character in the show, she loves to wear makeup and wear nice clothes and look really good.

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