January 29, 2023

Nigerian disc jokey, Rachel Oluwabukola Martins, also known as DJdimplenipple, has shared a new video of herself on Instagram where she was seen grooving and showing off her dancing skills to her fans. She looks excited and very happy in the video as she decided to display her talent for being a good dancer even though she is a DJ. Many of her followers were quick to react in different ways to the video.

She appeared in a nice black outfit with a white scarf on her head. She showed off her beautiful beads in a nice looking long skirt. She is someone who is very lively and likes to showcase her talent on social media, and this time it is all about her dancing skills, as she was seen dancing like a professional dancer.


She used her caption to refer to herself as a 6ft tall girl. She said, “Blessing your timeline with this beautiful, 6 foot tall stallion.” This caption caught people’s attention as they expressed their opinions.

Click the link to watch the video

Some of the people who came across the video reacted and shared their thoughts on her dancing skills, as some praised her, while others who admired her outfit also poured out their minds as well.


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