February 27, 2024

Nigerian celebrity skits maker and nollywood actress, Amarachi Amusi popularly known on social media as Ashmusy took to social media to reveal how her last relationship ended.

While responding to questions from fans on her Instagram story, the gorgeous actress submitted that her relationship ended because she had a dream and that God showed her everything that the man wasn’t the right person for her. Apparently, the fan had enquired of Amarachi to know what ended her last relationship.

Amarachi’s response must have generated several reactions and views from fans and followers on her Instagram story. I think there is a lesson to draw from Amarachi’s submission here because the essence of dating and relationships is to see whether or not you are compatible with your partner.

If at a point, you realize that you guys are not compatible, it is not a crime to quit the relationship.

You should recall that Amarachi Amusi is a Nigerian actress and an award winning brand influencer.

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