April 21, 2024

In today’s world, “big boobs” are in. People are getting cosmetic surgery to enhance their boobs, they’re bouncing in every rapper’s music video. It certainly is the case that big boobs have become mainstream.

But for some women, big boobs are not the goal. In fact, their big boobs are keeping them from some of their actual goals like being taken serious at work, getting a job, not being catcalled on their way to get lunch. And aside from the societal problems that come with a bigger bust, some women also experience physical pain especially on the back.

For today’s article, I will be highlighting 5 celebrities who are experiencing the other side of having big boobs that we don’t get to see in music videos.

Are you ready to dive in? Let’s… wait!

1. Afro Candy

Afro Candy is an infamous Nigerian film actress, director, and producer who is controversial for starring in soft-core Nigerian porn.

She was well noted for her gigantic breasts which she enjoyed showing off a lot, but in a 2014 interview with the Saturday Tribune, Afro Candy opened up about wanting to have breast-reduction surgery saying:

I have been having back pain lately, and when I went to my doctor for that, he said I was carrying load on my chest. That’s what’s causing it. Also, I can’t jog, run, jump rope or dance as I would like to without being conscious of the bouncing boobies. So, I wanna be able to do all that and be pain-free.

Wow! Who would have thought that a woman who was fond of showing off her breasts on the internet was going through so much pain behind the scenes. Just goes to show you can truly never know what anyone is going through until you walk a mile in their shoes.

2. Ebinabo Potts-Johnson

Actress, model, and beauty queen, Ebinabo Potts-Johnson was the first-runner up in the 2007 Miss Beautiful Girl Nigeria (MBGN) contest. She later went on to represent Nigerian in the Miss Universe 2007 pageant in Mexico .

Despite, or rather because of her beauty and the attention that she gets, correct that, her breasts specifically get, she went on a rant saying:

Although God put it there and really, at some point in my life I was actually thinking that I need to reduce this thing (her boobs) because most times when people see me, it’s just the boobs they’re seeing, they’re not seeing the other parts of me. It can be embarrassing that people can only see you as a sex object

Sometimes you just don’t know why a guy is coming after you. You don’t know whether it is because of your personality or your body. Though I don’t like to think a guy is coming for me because of my body but I get compliments a lot over my boobs. Sometimes. A guy just passes and says, “Wow, your boobs are big” and I just give them a smile and walk off.

I understand. Not everyone likes being seen as a sex object, and to not know whether a guy is into you because of your personality or your looks is one of those age-old questions women (and men) have been asking from the dawn of time. I guess it’s harder when you’re a beauty queen and look Ebinabo.

3. Waje

Nigerian songstress, Waje, is not only a beautiful singer, she’s also a beautiful actress, songwriter, and performer.

On an episode of MTV Base’s “Word On The Street”, VJ Stephanie asked the songstress a question from Twitter which read: “Would you ever consider plastic surgery?”

To this, Waje responded in the affirmative saying that she would in fact opt for a breast reduction. When a surprised VJ Stephanie asked her why, she said jokingly:

As me and you are sitting down here, don’t you like that they are seeing your face? Do you want me to cover the screen?


4. Cossy Orjiakor

Nigerian actress, singer, and video vixen Cossy Orjiakor is popularly known because of her breasts. She makes that her selling point. It’s always on display on all her social media platforms, and she loves to show it off.

So when a hospital posted the picture of a successful surgery they’d done with the caption: “One of the breast reduction we are happy to share with you because this is a lovely result. We removed 2.2kg from her left breast, 1.7kg from her right breast and 500mls of fat from breasts”, and Cossy commented under:

Am coming over for consultation oo,

It threw fans into a frenzy.

But I guess they had nothing to worry about because right up to this minute, Cossy is still happily jiggling and bouncing her tatas.

5. Mimi Ubini

Nollywood actress, Mimi Ubini, revealed in a lengthy Instagram post her complicated relationship with her breasts, and why she’s contemplating getting a boob reduction. She said:

Growing up I hated my big boobs

It’s was not this funny o. Growing up I hate my boobs, I used to cry every night, lord why me? Why do I have boobs at the tender age of 9 wen my mate were all flat chested? Why ? Why? Now everyone thinks I have “spoil”. I recall meeting my best friend begging her to tie wrapper very tight on my chest so they can go back…true story. The reason I hate my boobs was my mother, surprised? Don’t be, I’ll get there. At the tender age of 9 I’d know that my school teachers, lesson teacher and random guys were toasting me i didn’t understand why grown men were always buying my biscuits, sweet or ice cream. I didn’t but I do now ?. Okay back to the gist, one day I got into trouble as usual in my mother’s way of scolding me she usually takes off my clothes to whip me with cane or kobobo, as she proceeds to raise up my clothes my big round breast face her, she screamed OMG ? this girl don spoil oo, neighbors come oo. Neighbor came both male and female. See her chest as she small reach she don dey grow breast my mum said. My breast was there for everyone to see, judge, poke at. I just stood there wishing the ground could swallow me, wat is my offense, Did I give myself breast? I thought to myself. Na men dey drawn the breast a neighbor chip in. I couldn’t shower outside anymore like all my mates did, I’d queue like the grown up to use the bathroom. Oh!, and my class mate in primary school didn’t make life easy for me either, lol. I was picked on called bad girl just because I was the only one in my class with breast. I remember one day I had a sleep over in my class mate house we went in to shower I refused to take off my singlet, take it off she yelled, I said naa I’m good I’ll shower like this, she was adamant proceeded to pull my singlet up and viola breast in her face, I saw the shock, the disbelief, and disgust on her face. At the age of sixteen they were already like big size paw paw, very big round and sitting proudly on my chest. When my mate were all rocking tank tops i was forbidden ? to ever wear tank top, why? I don’t know.Lately I’ve been thinking of going for breast reduction? What do you think guys? Leave a comment please.


I guess big boobs truly do come with their own set of problems. At the least, this has taught me to not assume or comment on anybody’s body or body parts especially if I don’t know them that well, or know how they feel about certain body parts.

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