February 27, 2024

touching video of two Nigerian sisters’ emotional reunion with their father in the US melts hearts online

Many people were moved by a viral video of two Nigerian sisters who relocated to the US to reunite with their father after years of separation.

Two sister relocated to meet father in the US. Photo credit: TikTok/@lulubaby15Source: TikTok

The video, posted by one of the sisters on social media, documented their journey from Nigeria to the US, showing their joy and anticipation as they prepared to leave their home country.

The video also captured their tearful and happy moments at the airport as they prepared to meet their father and settle in their new country.

The sister who shared the video expressed gratitude to God for making her dream of moving to the US come true.

She also thanked her father for his love and support and said that she and her sister were looking forward to starting a new chapter in their lives.

Watch the video below:

THETALK.NG compiled some of the reactions below:

Rikky mama 93 reacted:

“CongratulationsI tap from this blessing.”

RSP E said:


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“Using this sound soon congratulations.”

Julius wrote:

“My visa was denied recently am still down.”

LucyCreator responded:

“So sorry about that. When next you apply again, God will go ahead of you and say yes which no man can say no.”


“Congratulations i tap from this for my own relocation.”


“This year is my year in JesUs name. this year will not pass me by, i must relocate to America this vear i in Jesus name.”


“The cost to relocate hope is not much cause i want yo tap these blessings with my kids.”

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