October 1, 2023

A recent update from one of the Western Region’s Senior High Schools shows how teachers violated the institution’s rules in order to inflict pain on female students.

This incident occurred at Annor Adjaye Senior High School in the Jomoro District of Ghana’s Western Region. Some students were reported to be late for church on campus. As a result, the teachers severely scolded them by inflicting pain and wounds on their skin.

The ordeal affected not only the female students but also the male students and Muslims who did not attend church that day.

The school’s administration is currently dealing with the problem to determine how best to handle it. However, the incident has landed the teachers in hot water, as they are facing expulsion from Annor Adjaye Senior High School in Ghana’s Western Region.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) and other stakeholders are expected to intervene in this case to ensure that justice is served at Annor Adjaye Senior High School in Ghana’s Western Region.

Some of the victims have stated on Kingdom news that they cannot even sit on their buttocks to learn or study. Those who received the lashes in their palms are unable to write in their books because they were late to church.

See some of the pictures below.

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