April 21, 2024

Nigerian woman said that she became a prostitute because her relationship with her ex-boyfriend did not turn out the way she thought it would.

The woman stated that in the eight months that she and her boyfriend have been dating, her boyfriend has never even given her N100 or spent any money on her.

She said that she had gone into ashawo without his knowledge, but it also appears that he is not very interested in finding out how she makes a living for herself.

The woman proceeded by stating that she had previously held a profound passion for him, but that she started playing him after she realized that he did not care about her.

She went on to say that in spite of his assertions that he loved her, she never begged him for money, and he never gave her a single penny of his own money.

The girlfriend asserted that despite the fact that she wore brand new clothes on a daily basis, her boyfriend never once inquired about the source of her income.
The lady expressed the following in a post that she published on an online forum, where she most likely sought the advice of others:

”Good morning Please I’m also seeking advice. I have a boyfriend Loved so much but now I’m just playing him because he doesn’t care about me.. we’ve been dating for 8 months now and I haven’t eaten his 100 naira…I have never asked him for money and he has never given me a dime. He claim he loves me. I’m into hookup now which he is not aware of.

He sees me in different outfits every day, he knows I don’t have a job and he has never asked me where I got the money from. He’s always asking me for money and Airtime…. Does that mean he’s also playing me? ”

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